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Boulder Walls and Landscapes

Backyard boulder wall Boulder retaining wall Landscaping boulders Retaining boulders edged and rocked Two-tiered boulder retaining wall Boulder wall with step feature Boulders to create a subtle grade change

Water Features

Pond with circulating two-tiered waterfall Swimming Lagoon Waterfall and swimming lagoon...complete Waterfall and swimming lagoon...nearly complete Boulderscape with waterfall and pond Pond and stream with multi-tiered waterfall

Retaining Walls

Three-level retaining wall Retaining wall with staircase and walkways Two-level retaining wall and walkout entrance

Patios and Paver Walkways

Bordered front entry and walkway Front step and walkway Front steps and herringbone walkway Patio featuring low retaining wall Paver patio with retaining wall Backyard walkway and elevated pool entrance Bordered front entry and walkway

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